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Record says what she believes with unwavering strength.
Capture shows who she is through the stories she creates.


verb |rəˈkôrd| [ with obj. ]
state or express publicly or officially


verb | ˈkapCHər | [ with obj. ]
record or express accurately in words or pictures
My name is Whitney and I am a human learning to live my story. I believe it’s important because that is how I will produce my best work. So I decided to document my journey. Facing fears, defying expectations, accomplishing life long goals and creating the best version of myself.
I am sharing my story because I believe we are all different which means we all have different ways of achieving our dreams, our goal, and living life. There is no right way to go about living. Your life is just one of 7,000,000,000+ books that show how one could go about life. I believe our stories impact each other by providing inspiration, encouragement, and lessons on how we can go about living our own story. And that’s why I believe it is important to share and live the story inside you because you never know where it could bring you and who may need to hear it.
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